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We blog on a number of topics that we file in one of four categories. In Tariff News we highlight major updates and trends in electricity costs. Our observations and perspectives on new energy go into Industry. Genability updates are filed under Company and we also regularly blog about our Products.


Current Hiring

Welcome to the spring of 2021! With the new season Genability has a range of new positions open for both full time employees and freelancers. This includes openings in software engineering, data operations, support, and sales.

By Jason Riley


Whats new with Genability

Like many companies, the start of a new year is a time when Genability’s goals and objectives are updated and plans are set in motion. Here’s a summary of what we are up to in 2021.

By Jason Riley


Solar Incentives Data

Genability Switch customers no longer need to maintain their own database of residential solar incentives. As of October 15, 2019 Genability’s Solar Incentives API has graduated from Beta to V1 and is now available under general release...

By John Tucker