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Like many companies, the start of a new year is a time when Genability’s goals and objectives are updated and plans are set in motion. Here’s a summary of what we are up to in 2021.

People News

A new role for John Tucker

First we have some bitter-sweet news. John Tucker, who is well known to many of our customers and has been the heart and soul of our Data Operation since our founding ten years ago, is moving on to new adventures 2021. He has stepped back from his full time management role as VP of Data and Operations and moving forward will provide expertise, focused on growing our team skills and responding to our customers needs. From February John will move down to 3 days per week, giving him a long overdue break and time to ponder what comes next. I’m personally very grateful for his years of hard work and thoughtful dedication to making the transition as smooth as possible. Reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

New faces at Genability

Last summer new members Britney and Alexandra came on board to help us with support and sales, including a sizable upgrade to our support processes and artifacts. You may have interacted with them via support tickets, sales inquiries or our recurring monthly webinars. They have both done such as great job that we are rewarding them with more stuff to do! We’re expanding our support team and will continue to refine that and our inside sales operation in 2021.

Welcome back Matthew

A final note on the people front. We are pleased to say hello again to Matthew Gerring. Matthew was a full time member of our software engineering team way back in the day (2018 to be precise). Then when travel and quest called, Matthew answered. Lucky for us, since then he has contributed as a freelancer from time to time. Matthew is now back full time, wearing a number of hats, including helping with engineering our new Team Tariff application, and also within our new Sales and Success Engineering team (more on both later in this post).

Company News

Plans for 2021

The company has some pretty ambitious plans for this year, but they can actually be summarized into three simple objectives:

  1. Add new countries
  2. Further Improve the timeliness of tariff data updates
  3. Further Improve the transparency and accuracy of these updates

With the acceleration of the new energy transition, particulary with the electrification of transport, we see an opportunity in increasing the geographic coverage of our tariff data. Our longer term goal is to add every electricity market in the world in the next four years. To continue to make progress on this, in 2021 we want to add at least four, but just as importantly to also increase our velocity. We need to hire and train additional people and to provide the whole team with an upgraded data toolkit. The requirements, design and construction of our next generation technology has been a big focus for us for the last year. We are now reaching an exciting milestone in the construction of this with the impending release of a new internal data management website. We are calling this our Team Tariff App, and Version 1 will be in the hands of our data team later this quarter.

Our plans don’t end with V1 though. We are very excited with our concrete plans for V2 and V3. These build on the foundation of our current proven processes, and add improvements on top that come from our 10 years of tariff data manangement experience combined with lots of design thinking exercises. We will write more about these as they get closer to launch, and we plan on demonstrating what we have built to our customers, so please stay tuned.


All of this requires the help of smart people. In 2021 we will be hiring in pretty much every department. This includes openings for full time employees as well as various shorter and longer duration freelance projects. Please see our current hiring blog post as well as our careers page to see the latest, including how to get in touch or refer someone our way.

New Sales and Success Engineering Team

Finally, as I mentioned above, we’ve created a new team, dedicated to helping our customers succeed in their use cases. This will be technical in nature and has the goal of being a proactive complement to our current “engineering” assistance we provide duing sales and support. Matthew (see above) will be joinging Ruben Garcia in this team. Look out for them on webinars, blog posts, outbound communications, sales and customer technical meetings and elsewhere.

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