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In general we are looking for passionate, hard working believers. If you are intelligent and have these qualities, your are in a minority (sad to say), and you should consider working with likeminded people - like Genability.

No recruiters or middle men, period!

More specifically, we have openings for the following:

  • Engineering - Java, Spring, MySQL but we’ll be using a wide variety of tools and stacks so quick to learn and well grounded. Passionate but not dogmatic. Our cloud-based products will have huge sets of data, lots of analysis (time-series, ANN, fuzzy logic, etc.), and plenty of integration. You’ll be part of a small, dynamic team that is taking on some big challenges and a company that values engineers that like to solve problems and produce products.

  • Web/UI/UX - we need that rare and gifted combination of analytical and creative. Javascript/HTML rockstar with an eye for the aesthetic, usable and clean. We’re aiming for presentation, interaction and visualization at its best and know that we need the right team for that to happen. You will be challenged here.

You’ll be in on the ground floor; part of the founders circle. You’ll be stimulated, compensated and a part owner.

Send referrals and resumes to us.

No recruiters or middle men, period!

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