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Notice on SMUD Tariff R-TOD-SSR, March - July 2022

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (“SMUD”) introduced a new Solar and Storage tariff for solar customers (Rate Schedule “R-TOD-SSR”), which took effect on March 1, 2022. SMUD published documentation regarding the revised tariff structure on their website: https://www.smud.org/-/media/Documents/Rate-Information/Rates/01_SSR.ashx...

By Curtis Snyder

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The Profound Impact of Electricity Rate Design

John Farrell at Renewable Energy World reported last month that Distributed Solar is nearing ‘Grid Parity’. His main point is that installed Solar Photovoltaics are very close to being cost competitive with grid power in numerous areas...

By Robb Miller

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Genability Covers the Majority of US Residential Electricity Rates

You could not describe a more perfect San Francisco spring day than the one we’re having today.  Bright and sunny, in the mid-80s – it’s perfect for Opening Day.  After 6 weeks of practice in the desert,...

By John Tucker