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Duke Energy North Carolina Solar Incentives


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At 9 AM this morning (July 9, 2018), Duke Energy North Carolina started accepting incentive applications for their Solar Rebate program and Genability has made the new incentive available via our Incentives API.

The new Solar Rebate offers a $0.60/Watt rebate up to 10 kW for residential solar customers and 100 kW for commercial customers.  You will need to move quickly to take advantage of this incentive, the cap on this incentive is just 20 MW across both Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress.

The NC Solar Rebate is the first of many new solar incentives being released this summer.  Keep an eye on our blog for the next incentive announcement. Want to learn more about how to work with incentives? Try our Incentives How-To on our developer website.

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