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Genability Covers the Majority of US Residential Electricity Rates


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You could not describe a more perfect San Francisco spring day than the one we’re having today.  Bright and sunny, in the mid-80s – it’s perfect for Opening Day.  After 6 weeks of practice in the desert, our hometown World Series Champion Giants are ready to play games that count.

At Genability, we’ve turned a similar corner in our coverage of residential tariffs.  After six weeks in the proverbial desert of data entry and review, we can proudly say we have detailed electricity rate information for over 50% of residential customers in the U.S.* including data for every city that hosts a Major League Baseball team in the U.S.*  We’re not stopping there, we’re adding another 5-10% more of the U.S residential market every week.

Once we’ve completed U.S. residential rates, we’re moving on to enter Canada’s power pricing plans.   All of this is a precursor to what we expect to be our most valuable set of data to date, commercial and industrial tariffs.  As you might expect, commercial and industrial tariffs are the most complex of the rate plans offered by North American utilities and span a wide range of possibilities.  Right now we’re putting the final touches on our data model and expect to begin the initial collection of commercial and industrial tariffs within the next couple of weeks.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Whats My Power website yet, do it today.  I’ll bet we’ve got comprehensive electricity pricing data for your area right now.  Don’t forget to sign up for email alerts, we’ve already seen significant changes in electricity pricing in the first month we’ve been live.

  • Excepting Texas.  Texas has a unique electricity market with its combination of power distributors and power retailers that we expect to extend coverage to soon.

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