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Amendment 1, a proposed Florida State constitutional amendment, was widely publicized as a pro-solar referendum. It was found though, to be legislation that would have made residential roof top solar unviable in Florida.

Florida Fully Covered

Utilities and others spent $29 million to promote the amendment which would have paved the way to remove net metering and added differential fees to solar customers. It’s defeat by voters last month, means new solar customers in Florida (the country’s third in potential sun energy generation from rooftop solar) can still benefit financially from all that beautiful sunshine.

With that in mind, we put together a heat map of the Avoided Cost of Power (ACP) for residential customers in Florida so you can see where you and your customers can save.

Florida ACP Differences Florida ACP by Utility

As you can see above, the best ACPs are to be found in the college town of Gainesville.  Gainesville Regional Utilities, leads the state with an ACP of $0.13/kWh. The next brightest spot is in the state’s panhandle area from Gulf Power and Light ($0.114/kWh).  

The lowest ACP in Florida is for its largest utility, Florida Power & Light.  At $0.085/kWh, FP&L is half a cent less than the next closest utility.  Also rounding out the bottom of the list are smaller coops and Munis like Withlacoochee River Electric Coop ($0.091/kWh) and Kissimmee Utility Authority ($0.091/kWh).

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