Environmental Friendly Products for the Workplace


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Last week we moved into our new office. As a company that strives to be environmentally sensitive in everything we do we tried to pick products for our new office from companies that align with that goal.

Staple-less stapler

The big stuff:

Herman Miller was an easy choice, a pioneer in the eco-community, we got their Caper chairs - they are Cradle to Cradle certified and made in the USA. We use Macs and Apple has as made a commitment to greener products. We are ordering a GoECOlife Shredder, that won’t suck “vampire” electricity when its not in use.

And the little:

It was really fun for a paper store geek like me to stock the  to new office with eco stationary products, especially since there are so many on the market today. There are really easy finds like recycled paper notebooks, post-its with plant adhesive and recycled metal paper clips. New and exciting for me, were new eco lines from Paper Mate and BIC with compost-able and recycled plastic pens.

But my hands down favorite, by far though, was very inexpensive and really fun - a stapless stapler by Made by Humans! It “cuts out a tiny strip of paper and uses it to “stitch” up to four pages together”.. Shred it - no problem, and now we don’t have to buy staples!

You are probably thinking it took some time (and who has that?) to track down these products. Nope - Amazon and Costco; easy. Because every little bit helps…

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