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Here’s a round-up of the sites we can be followed, friend’d, tweet’d, ping’d and generally connected to on…

Twitter @genability Our personal favorite. We tweet every day or so with things we think are interesting or of note.

Facebook Page Genabilitiy’s page is here. News, events and general discussions amongst the community of customers, partners, current and former employees and anyone who feels like participating.

Genability staff usually use Facebook for our personal social networks, so please don’t be offended if we don’t friend you with our personal accounts. Instead we recommend LinkedIn (below) for business networking.

LinkedIn Company Page Here’s our company page. Members of the Genability team usually have profiles on LinkedIn too. This is a great way to network with us individually.

Flickr Genability Community Group Whenever we have an event or gathering we’ll try to remember to take some pictures and post them here. If you have any good, or for that matter bad/embarrassing shots of us or the community, feel free to going the community group.

We’ll come back and update this post whenever we start using a new Social Media app or service. Follow on…

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