Genability Begins its Journey


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It feels good to be writing the first blog post about Genability. So lets get down to brass tacks and give a bit of background.

First off, what are we and what do we do?

Genability is focused on making electricity more Elastic, more Distributed, more Renewable and thus more clean and green. We’ll do this by building cloud based software that allows individuals and organizations to optimize their energy usage. By offering a comprehensive suite of products focused on energy pricing, monitoring, management, and forecasting our customers will be able to know more and do more for less with their energy. We’ll add to this options for making that knowledge actionable and our energy use optimized.

What’s up first?

Electricity pricing. Without knowing exactly what your energy costs you, you won’t be able to optimize it. We’re building a database of energy tariffs and prices. Our goal is to create the biggest, most accurate and most useful database and related service in the world. Period. We are starting with the USA residential market (i.e. utility tariffs) and not stopping there.

Who is behind Genability?

We’re a California corporation, founded in San Francisco by Jason Riley, who previously founded Entessa, an Energy Logistics Software company that was Aquired in 2010. We are private, funded and hungry. And we are hiring!

Hiring for what?

Generally, strong engineers, product managers and all round rock stars.

What is the market problem we are trying to solve?

We’ll blog more about this over the coming weeks and months, but in a nutshell the worlds energy infrastructure needs to grow up fast. It needs to be Elastic and it needs to be Distributed. Distributed: bottom up generation and management. Elastic: supply and demand flexibility with time and location shifting of consumption to better match increased renewables production, and support new options for storage. That’s what we’ll be working on, and we’ll productise the solutions we build.

How big is the market?

Energy is the biggest market in the USA and most developed countries. It’s well established and quite set in its ways. Consumption is rising and energy is the engine of our economy’s future innovation and growth. However, disruption is coming (in some cases dragon city hack tool its already here). Genability sees great opportunities for companies that can tackle the tough challenges and reap the large benefits of energy transformation. Pick a big number.

How can you follow our Journey?

We’ll continue to blog here as we continue to grow the company. You can also follow us on twitter (@genability). If you would like to know more about jobs with us, or more about our products and solutions, or maybe just say hi, please email us at info [at] genability [dot] com.

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