Genability at DistribuTech 2017


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DistribuTech, the annual exhibition and conference for all things electric power transmission and distribution was held in San Diego earlier this month. Genability attended for the 1st time this year after the launch of our newest product Signal. Signal was designed for utilities and is the fastest, most accurate utility rate-engine in the market.

DistribuTech 2017

We headed to the conference to talk products, catch up customers and check out all the new technology. The theme for this year’s event was “Decentralization, Decarbonization and Digitization” and we are excited to see the new industry focus on commercial energy management and see the various use-cases and applications for our products across traditional Distributed Generation companies and utilities.

We met in person with our customers and exhibitors:

Opower Oracle. This was the 1st conference for Opower and Oracle post the Oracle acquisition. Opower’s booth included their traditional digital engagement services, coupled with Oracle’s reach and customer support applications. Bidgely. A long time customer, it was great to see some of Bidgely’s applications in action. With a focus on mobile digital engagement, Bidgely partners with utilities to provide residential customers with rate switching opportunities, savings presentment and bill payment. Stem. Stem sells commercial storage applications direct to utilities, as well as direct to commercial customers. They highlighted both applications at the event, including the geographical expansion outside of California. Ecova & Green Charge Networks. Both part of the Engie family, Ecova and GCN had a single booth to present the shared commercial application of Commercial storage and commercial utility bill management. Shell Energy. With its recent release of Shell New Energies, Shell is exploring deeper ways to enage with end customers. In addition to partnering with Genability, Shell also engaged with AMS to sell storage direct to C&I customers.

You can check out some of their fantastic booths in a photo album here:

We’re excited about what lies ahead in the utility market. Genability’s Switch product was developed for solar and storage companies. Now with the addition of Signal and convergence of the utility space with Distributed Generation Resources, Genability is perfectly positioned to help the New Energy Companies and Utilities. We have been waiting for the convergence of these industries for some time and excited to see it coming to life!

Thanks for a great conference and we look forward to seeing everyone again at DistribuTech next year!

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