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Accurate Tariff Rates

Powerful Rate Engine


Comprehensive, accurate utility rate data

U.S & International Coverage

We capture all residential, commercial, industrial and specialty tariff rate plans for all of North America, Australia and select other markets. This includes complete regulated market data and select data in deregulated markets.

Accurate & Detailed

We capture all the details. Every rate component, tariff eligibility rule and rate option. We support every rate structure we've found, from the simplest flat consumption rates, through tiered and time of use pricing, to system and dynamic peaks, complex ratchets and sophisticated billing rules. We have utility service areas and baseline regions, holiday schedules and more.

Always Up-to-date

We track all rate changes and typically QA and publish them in less than 1 business day. That's over 15,000 tariff book updates every month, and growing. We also maintain current electricity market and hourly retail pricing.


World's most powerful rate engine

Our calculation engine takes electricity usage and returns costs and savings. It's the product of six years of software development, and is field proven through tens of millions of calculations. The only rate engine built from the ground up with the flexibility needed for New Energy.

Blazingly fast. Real time. Internet scale.

Speed and scalability are embedded in the core of all of our calculators, including ones that compute historical and month-to-date bills, compare tariff rate plans, forecast solar and efficiency savings, and signal real-time load and battery optimization. It's flexible, returning results with the cost and time interval granularity you require. All available via our APIs and web applications.


Flexible usage data tools

Our products work with whatever usage data you have. Green button data, AMI readings, annual usage, a single utility bill: we generate costs and savings in all cases.

A large database of hourly usage, cost and rate data spanning the entire country. Ideal for any situation where you don't have actual usage data or would like to compare with similar homes and businesses.

The Genability Difference

For our enterprise customers we contractually guarantee and deliver the performance, accuracy, and expertise you need.


Under 150ms

Guaranteed response times

Over 99.95%

API Uptime



Data accuracy checks

Within 2¢

NREL accuracy study



Critical support

100 years

Combined energy experience

Customers using Signal

Opower’s Digital Engagement solution for utilities such as PG&E leverages Genability Signal to bring real-time cost into utility websites and customer education reports.

Engie’s retail energy business uses Signal to evaluate price-to-compare opportunities for residential, commercial, & industrial customers in the United States and Canada.

Just Energy’s retail residential supply group uses Genability for consumer engagement applications and to monitor opportunities for distributed generation.

Whirlpool, one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world, is managing homeowners' appliances smartly and saving them money. Using Genability Conduct, Whirlpool understands the customers’ rate plan and is able to provide a price signal to power the home's smart appliances and run devices when power is cheapest. Smart Scheduling runs the dishwasher at the best time to save money or the electrical grid., a wireless security system company servicing homes throughout the U.S., provides homeowners with energy management services, including energy curtailment during peak hours, remote thermostat control and home automation. With Genability's Data, has insight into their customers' utility, available rate plans and energy costs to drive energy curtailment services.

EnerNOC (NASDAQ: ENOC) is a leading provider of energy intelligence software for utility and commercial customers, with a suite of services that includes demand management and energy efficiency. EnerNOC uses Genability’s technology to provide real-time cost transparency and energy savings.

BMW, a manufacturer of premier automobiles, is smart charging its i3 and saving drivers money. Using Genability Conduct, BMW's EV, the i3, optimizes its charging schedule to charge the car when electricity prices are cheapest. The Smart Charging Application also delivers precise charging costs and savings.

ChargePoint and Genability work together to automatically select a homeowners' tariff and rate plans after they've purchased a ChargePoint home charger. Using Genability Conduct, ChargePoint's residential charging units provide homeowners with actual electricity savings and charging information in dollars. ChargePoint operates the world’s largest EV charging network, as well as designs, builds, and supports the technology that powers the chargers.

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