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For the 5th consecutive year Genability attended the Smart Energy Summit conference in Austin, TX. And it’s not just the BBQ that keeps bringing us back! SES focuses on home energy management, consumer technology, IOT and utilities.

We were thrilled to be asked to present at this year’s conference. Genability sat on a panel during Tuesday’s conference titled “Consumer Behaviors and Variable Rate Plans: Challenges and Opportunities”. The panel group addressed new rate plans such as “free nights and weekends” and TOU adoption. The session examined the adoption of variable pricing plans, demand charges, their implementation, and the opportunities they create for all solution providers.

The panel included great folks from some really interesting companies:

ROC-Connect / Kevin Meagher
ROC provides a “Smart Home as a Service” product and is focusing on the home IoT platform. The company is hardware and device agnostic and aiming to connect all of the devices in the home to one central platform.

Griddy Energy / Gregory Craig
Griddy is launching as a new retail energy provider (REP) in the Texas market. The “Uber of Electricity”, they are purchasing power directly from ERCOT and selling power at a flat rate of $0.49 per day! Griddy will also provide customers with “surge pricing” alerts. The company officially launches their new product in April. If you live in Texas, you’ll like their spoof:

Stem / Matt Owens
A leader in commercial energy storage and also a Genability customer, Stem provides energy storage systems to the commercial and industrial market, as well as utilities. They are currently operating in California, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Hawaii and focus on financing, monitoring and customer acquisition.

Thanks again to Parks Associates for another great conference! We look forward to attending again next year and seeing where TOU rates are then!

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