World Series San Francisco Giants (Winners on the field & energy efficiency)


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In one of the most exciting post seasons ever, the San Francisco Giants won a record tying sixth elimination game of the post season, coming back from a 3-1 deficit. Monday night’s win against the St. Louis Cardinals was the Giants 20th National League pennant win and trip to the World Series.

ATT Park

Besides being winners of the National League, the Giants are also winning when it comes to energy efficiency.  AT&T Park is the 4th most energy efficient ballpark in Major League Baseball.   The Park obtained LEED Silver certification after a series of retrofits including lighting upgrades, motion sensor lighting and an upgrade to the scoreboard.

In 2010, AT&T Park also installed 600 solar panels.  These panels helped avoid over 757 thousand pounds of greenhouse gas emissions; equivalent to the amount of energy needed to power 12 thousand homes for a day.

Winners on the field and energy efficiency - Go Giants!

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