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While every company loves their customers, Genability has the great opportunity to work with companies who share our goal of making cheap, clean and abundant power a reality for all of us. They are rethinking how homes and businesses buy, use, manage, generate and sell energy.  We think it’s long overdue that we call attention to some of our customers and the fascinating products they are offering with the help of  Genability.


Helping companies in the solar space has always been a large focus for Genability (that’s in part where the “Gen” in our name comes from). We are working with solar developers, as well as their financiers, installers and vendors to unlock the value of solar and automate and improve going solar.  Some of our solar customers include:

SunEdison, a premium solar developer, installer and financier, uses Genability to understand exactly what a customer will save by switching to solar. They also evaluate complementary opportunities in energy efficiency.

SunPower, the largest commercial solar developer in the U.S,  is working with Genability to understand retail energy rates,identify and then target new fertile markets for solar projects.

Geostellar Logo GeoStellar, a provider of geomatic technology that determines the value of solar generation, uses Genability to provide exact pricing to installers as they prospect for customers, design solar installs and present savings to their customers.

SolarCity, one of the largest residential and commercial solar installers in the country, qualifies prospective leads and markets using Genability.

And this is just the begining. We were recently named an awardee of the SunShot Initiative, the Department of Energy’s effort to reduce the total cost of solar to $1/W by 2020.  Our project aims to reduce the soft costs of solar (those costs that exist outside of the solar hardware), and Genability proposes to do this by injecting the best available value of solar calculations throughout the solar sales process.


Many of our customers are involved in energy procurement. We provide power marketers and brokers with the tools they need to market and sell energy supply in the 16 deregulated states. This includes the exact price-to-compare for their customers, often en-mass (e.g. for their retail customer that has 1,400 locations across 14 states and 43 utilities).  Some of our energy brokerage customers include:

Acclaim Logo Acclaim Energy Advisors, a national energy management consulting firm, and Genability work together to create a process that allows an identical electrical load to be priced in multiple jurisdictions, with the resulting report detailing both the price-to-compare and the transmission & distribution costs.

NorthShore Energy, an energy procurement firm, and Genability collaborate on a process for calculating the price-to-compare and total costs for variable loads across multiple tariffs and utilities.

Connected Home Logo Another exciting customer is, a wireless security system company servicing over 1 million homes throughout the U.S. They offering includes energy management, including remote thermostat control and home automation. With the help of Genability, has insight into their customers utility, plans and energy costs.

Lowe’s, the world’s second-largest home improvement retailer, announced earlier this year their industry leading Iris-managed connected home solution. They also announced they are using Genability’s capabilities to put an exact price on electricity usage.  Iris has impressive capabilities at an affordable price. It will give homeowners the ability to control and interact with their homes from anywhere, and save money in the process.

… and Many Others

There are so many ways to use our capabilities – building management, utility bill auditing, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, storage – and we’re thrilled to be working with progressive, innovative companies in all of these areas.  In fact, we’ve helped over 200 of them to date. We’ll try to blog some more of their stories here.

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