100 Development Sprints in the Books, Infinity to Go


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Two years and 100 sprints later… Genability has accomplished a lot including capturing electricity rate data for the entire country, developing a rate engine to calculate costs, building out a suite of energy savings and connected energy products, gaining some amazing customers, and winning a DOE SunShot award.  For any new and growing company, hours in the day is the biggest constraint. So we work hard at making sure we spend our time getting tangible things done.

To do this we work in weekly sprints at Genability. A sprint is a set period of time focused on completing a specific set of tasks that are a logic goal or objective.  We just wrapped up Sprint 100, and quite frankly we were getting a little tired of our old wallboard (the hub of any good Sprint). So, as we got working on Sprint 101 we decided it was time for a make-over.

Gone is the old masking tape. In its place is Genability Blue tape that we even managed to put on the wall straight. Gone are the boring cards. In are bigger, color coded ones. Gone is sticky backs. In are stainless steel clips (any realtor knows the value of stainless steel). We’ve also included headshots (mugshots?) so we know who is working on what.

After two weeks of the new wallboard we are happy. Maybe we won’t wait for number 200 for the next make-over.

Out with the old

In with the New!

The focus of the next 10 or so sprints is some big product rollouts coming in April and May. Color coded of course.

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