Explorer Web App for Energy Professionals


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Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our latest product, Genability Explorer, a web-application for Energy Professionals.

The new Explorer is here

Explorer provides energy professionals a user-friendly interface into Genability’s utility rate database and calculation engine. Explorer requires no software development or coding. It’s a self-service web-application, so just use your web browser to sign up and go. We’ve designed it to be as intuitive to use as your favorite websites, and yet as powerful and as accurate as the tools we provide to our enterprise customers.

So what can you do with Explorer?

Comprehensive Utility Rate Database

For starters, Explorer is backed by our electricity pricing tariff database, so you can search and access our rich set of data of utilities, their tariff rate plans, as well as their territories, times-of-use and seasons. We have their holiday schedules, critical peak pricing events, and in many cases their meter reading (billing period) dates. The rates we capture have all the details needed to match your customers’ bills, understand complex net metering rules, and what-if any energy project. All in one central location. We maintain the rates and keep them up-to-date so you don’t have to.

Powerful Rate Engine

Explorer also allows you to run calculations on our utility rate engine, again from directly within your web browser. This is the same utility rate engine that our utility and new energy customers use to run millions of calculations (including Pacific Gas & Electric, Tesla, Sunrun, EnerNOC and lots of others). Just select your tariff, optionally refine with your additional rate criteria, and specify your usage. For usage data, you can use our typical building profiles, or quickly enter the quantities from your bill. You can even paste in meter data in CSV format from your Excel spreadsheet. Results are instantaneous, and you can get back details broken down into flexible granularities and time intervals.

14 Day Free Trial

The best way to really understand the power of Explorer is to use it. So we have a 14-day free trial for you to do just that! This trial has no strings attached. During the trial, you can see exactly the same utilities and tariffs that a paying subscription would see, and access all the same functionality. Just sign up for a Genability User account, and create an Organization (existing customers can also start a trial - see the end of this blog post for details).

Plans Available for After your Free Trial

You have no commitment to become a customer when your 14 day trial has ended. But should you wish to, we are launching Explorer with one simple “Self Service Pro” plan. This is designed for teams that needs frequent, daily online access to our data and calculator. It includes unlimited users, so you can invite anyone within your team or company at no additional cost. It also includes unlimited access to our USA electricity tariffs. Finally it also includes unlimited calculations during the first 3 months of the subscription. Your team can run any number of calculations without the worry of incurring any additional costs. After three months the Pro plan then includes 1,000 calculations a month. The Self Service Pro plan is $499 per month (USD).

We will be rolling out a variety of Self Service plans at different price points and different tariff and calculation allocation levels later this year. Customers can choose the right plan for them. All our Self Service plans require no obligation, so customers can cancel or switch between plans at any time. Changes or cancellations become effective at the end of the month you change or cancel your plan.

Next for Explorer: Additional Markets & Functionality

Along with additional pricing plans, over the next few months we will be rolling out a number of exciting upgrades to Explorer. These will include new markets (today the Explorer Self Service Pro Plan gives access to our USA data). We also have a series of feature upgrades in development or planning. We’re excited to see and hear what customers’ experiences are using Explorer, and as always will prioritize your feedback and suggestions in our product roadmap. Let us know!

More Self Service Products in the Works

This release of Explorer is exciting for us in another way too. It marks the first in a series of product releases targeted at new classes of customer. Historically our product offerings have been focused on enterprise customers who have their own proprietary energy platform along with a software engineering teams and high transactional volumes that our APIs are built to handle. Our goal is to make our capabilities accessible and valuable for all segments of the new energy community, and this release of Explorer is an important step towards that goal.

You can read more about Explorer on our website. Or better yet, go sign up for a free trial! It’s simple, obligation free, and doesn’t even require a credit card.

A note to existing Genability customers. As a Genability customer you already have an Organization set up, and you probably already have a Genability user account. To start your free trial, just log into the Dash site here and click on the Explorer Free trial button.

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