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Rate Engine

Access the world's most powerful rate engine.

Utility Database

Backed by the same database of tariffs our utility customers use.

Rate Engine

Calculate Costs easily & Accurately

Our calculator is very simple to use, but don’t let that fool you. It's very powerful, completely data driven, and the most accurate rate engine on the market.

Utility Database

360° view of tariffs

Explorer delivers line item details for each and every Tariff & Rider. This includes eligibility criteria, optional electives, precise Time-of-Use, and every other data point needed for bill level accuracy.

Tariff History

Know when rates change materially

We keep track of tariff changes so you don’t have to. Most updates are within a day of when we get them, and many utilities send us them ahead of time.


Tariff Eligibility

Understand what classes of customer, consumption and demand ranges and other criteria drive the applicability of each tariff.

Demand Charges

Handle everything from monthly peak demand, time-of-use based, reative demand, to complex ratchets & system peak charges.

Deregulated Markets

Price-to-Compare calculations. Block & Index structures. Know which markets offer retail choice and how.


Utility Service areas & baseline regions refined & validated. Available in map and tabular form.

Seasons & TOU

We capture the unique holiday schedules & seasons of each utility, as well as their Time-of-Use definitions & their critical peak events.

Market Data

Real-time & Day Ahead prices by node or zone. Easily calculate your Block & Index contract cost.

Historical Rates

Up to 10 years of Tariffs & Riders. New versions added when they are published.

Original Documents

View & download the utilities original tariff book documents online.

Billing Schedules

Meter Reading calendars & billing period schedules.

Customers using Explorer

Built for energy professionals like you who need knowledge about utility tariffs and pricing.


A fraction of the cost of maintaining tariffs in home-grown spreadsheets.

All plans make available all the data in our database, including:

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