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How to get your Green Button Data from your Local Utility

The newly launched Green Button Initiative asked utility companies to ensure that consumers have timely access to their own energy data in consumer-friendly and computer-friendly formats.  Now, California’s three major utilities, Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California...

By Eric Danziger

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Cleanweb Hackathon 2011

Sunday, September 11, concluded the inaugural Cleanweb Hackathon. Fourteen teams of developers and engineers gathered together with the goal of integrating information technology and sustainable business through the use of diverse datasets and APIs. The CleanWeb Hackathon...

By Eric Danziger

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The Profound Impact of Electricity Rate Design

John Farrell at Renewable Energy World reported last month that Distributed Solar is nearing ‘Grid Parity’. His main point is that installed Solar Photovoltaics are very close to being cost competitive with grid power in numerous areas...

By Robb Miller