Genability Customers SunPower, Whirlpool, Ford and more at CES 2013


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This week in Las Vegas is the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  Companies every year wait for this annual event to highlight their newest products, features and gadgets.  Some previous products announced at CES include the VCR (1970), camcorder (1981), CD player (1981), HDTV (1988), plasma TV (2001) and tablet computers (2011).

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What could it be this year? The connected fork from HAPIfork?

The theme this year is the “Internet of Things” and some of Genability’s customers are announcing great new products and features for the Connected Home.


Whirlpool announced a partnership with Ford called MyEnergi Lifestyle.  The partnership is with Whirlpool, Ford, SunPower and Eaton and focuses technology on charging EVs and running appliances during off-peak hours as well as augmenting solar during these times.  Whirlpool is also bringing to market several new products including Fresh Connect, allowing users to connect their grocery list and your smart devices, and 6th Sense Live, enabling control of all your home appliances from your smartphone.  6th Sense Live allows users to lock down appliances and save money by tracking energy usage.


[Lowe’s( is rolling out its next generation of its smart home solution, Iris.  Some of our favorite features include Iris for Efficiency which tracks energy and water consumption, as well as programmable smartphone controlled devices including thermostats, sprinkler systems, blinds and lightbulbs.  Stop by the Lowe’s booth for full demonstrations.


Wireless security and home energy management provider,, is rolling out new features this week to its 1.4 million home energy management users.  In addition to the remote thermostat control and home automation, will now be offering geo-services.  Users will be able to enable features that lock the doors and turn the AC into “away mode” when they pull away from the house.


Arrayent’s connected device platform allows appliance manufacturers to integrate with the home.  Be sure to stop by the Arrayent booth for a full demonstration of their newest features and applications.

Also, be sure to check out the Smart Homes & Digital Consumers session Wednesday afternoon sponsored by JD Power & Associates.

Let us know what gadgets you like the best and remember:  What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.

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