PVSyst Integration and Account Tracking Features Added to Explorer


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We are nine months into our SunShot Project and have some exciting customer driven enhancements to share.  We recently rolled out several new features that make evaluating solar deals even easier.  We’ve made it simple to get high quality PVSyst solar production data into Explorer accounts and added new account attributes that help you find your accounts quicker.

PVSyst Integration (and PVWatts Improvements)

Upload production data

Genability now accepts PVSyst files in their native format, at the click of a button.  We accept the PVSyst file through the profile upload link (picture above) and transform it into annual hourly data for FYE 2011 through 2013.  This makes it easy to match your modeled solar production to your electric usage profile.  For the full details on how we interpret PVSYst output check our Help Center.

We’ve also updated our PVWatts integration to return a third year of solar production - FYE 2013.  You can now compare PVWatts modeled production to your customer’s most recent utility bill.

Account Ownership and Status

Account Ownership

Genability has added a number of new attributes to accounts that make it easier to track and find your accounts when you have multiple users and many projects within your organization.  You can now set the following attributes on an account:

  • Account Owner
  • Type (Customer, Potential, Target, Archetype)
  • Status (Active, Inactive and Deleted)

Once set, you can use these attributes to find and sort your accounts.

Search by Owner

Stay Tuned.  We’ll be rolling out more features next month and a full product launch in mid May.

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