Calculating Value of Solar Systems in Explorer


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Now you can determine exactly what solar production will be worth to your customer within Explorer. Using the account functionality you can put an exact price on the utility costs solar production will replace,  the Value of Solar.

Utility Bill Savings

Calculate the Value of Solar - On the Solar Savings line in Cost Analysis, we show the Value of Solar in total dollars and per kWh along with system size information (total kWh, system size and percent covered). To calculate the Value of Solar all you need is usage (from utility bills or utility data) and production (from your PV modeling tool).

Solar Profiles - Use your own solar production data in Explorer.  Simply upload your annual-hourly data as a CSV as downloaded from your PV modeling tool.  If you need help with formatting, don’t hesitate to send it to us at support for formatting.

Account Defaults -  Account Defaults let you start running calculations right away.  Using the new baselines (in California) and data collected from FERC, Genability now assigns each account a default usage profileand tariff based upon your customer’s address.   Defaults get you started quickly and are easy to refine as you get more data about your customer.

Log in to Genability Explorer today and discover how quickly and easily you can determine the Value of Solar.

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