Genability Explorer Supports Demand Values


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We’ve been very busy over the past few weeks, and not just with the holidays.  We’ve been busy processing the deluge of new year rate updates including Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric, Progress Florida, Portland General, Connecticut Light & Power, Florida Power & Light  and over 100 others.

At the same time we’ve been working hard to upgrade how we handle demand values on Genabilty Explorer, and on Friday we released a major enhancements..  Here’s the new functionality you’ll find on Genability Explorer.

Extrapolated demand

Never again will you need to enter your own demand values, Genability now extrapolates the correct demand measurement for both general and time-of-use demand definitions,  from any load profile. We can only be as precise as the data in the profile, but provided the usage data has enough detail, we will deliver the exact demand value for any date range/tariff combo.

Right now we are using the most common definition of demand – the peak 15-minute period in the past thirty days.  Of course, some utilities (about 30%) use 30-minute intervals and for those we will be delivering demand values that are more precise.  In our next release we will address those demand definition differences and make that visible in Explorer.

Demand values visible in Profiles

It’s not enough to compute demand values behind the scenes; we want demand values to be noticed.  Now when you look at the consumption data for any load profile, you will also see the associated demand values.  We include the demand values both in the graph and on the line item for each reading.   The next step is to make demand values just as configurable as consumption from the interface.


We’re not done yet, we’ll be releasing significant enhancements to the APIs later this week.  Stay tuned…

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