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Clean, Abundant Energy for Everyone

We make the costs and savings of New Energy transparent to all

A personal, distributed energy revolution has begun. It promises to provide clean, abundant and affordable power to all. Our goal at Genability is to help make this promise a reality. We want to make sure that every New Energy transaction has the power of price built into it. When installing solar, scheduling a battery, charging an electric car, powering a factory or data center, or chosing a utility plan. Transparent, accurate costs and savings; in dollars or pesos not kw's or kWh's.

We provide Data and APIs

We are a data and an API company at our core. We maintain the most accurate and complete tariff database of North Amercian tariffs in the industry. And our flexible, ultra-fast rate engine can compute electricity costs and savings at any scale for a wide variety of use-cases. Our customers integrate our data and API resources into their own systems.

New Energy means New Choices

How it's Made : We identify when rooftop and community solar is right for homes and businesses by providing accurate savings forecasts. And when on site storage adds to its economic benefits. Installers are sizing and pricing their offerings to win; growing a new industry.

What it Powers : Transportation is becoming electric. This will significantly lower the planet's carbon footprint and save individuals significant money. Genability speeds adoption with software that smartly schedules charging, calculates station costs, and designs grid-friendly rate plans.

When & Where it's Used : The more intermittent renewable power we make and use, the more flexibility the grid needs. Genability signals smart batteries and connected appliances, moving load, balancing supply and demand, and ultimately preventing grid defection at a cost we can all afford.

Our Customers are the New Energy Companies

Our data and APIs are integrated deep into the companies making New Energy a reality. They are the biggest names in solar, storage, electric transportation, smart home and connected business. They are leading Utilities and Retail Electric Providers (REPs) who are embracing and enabling our new energy future. They embed our data and compute APIs into their own technology products, processes and solutions. In doing so they identify the best opportunities, present savings beautifully, and keep their new energy customers happy.

Our People

We are a small team that prides itself on delivering quality products and service that out perform companies of any size. Our employees are technology, data, and energy experts who are passionate about helping our customers deliver the new energy future. Also part of our family is a team of freelance data analysts that help us collect and maintain our data (we call them Team Tariff). Together we have a signular focus on being the most accurate and highest coverage data provider, and making sure that our customer are using this resource to its full potential.

We’re always looking for great people to join us. Click here for a list of current openings.

Leadership Team

Jason Riley

Jason Riley

Founder & CEO


Jason is the founder, CEO and board chairman of Genability where he works to help New Energy Companies build energy cost savings into their products and services. He is involved in all aspects of the company's activities, from marketing and sales, financials and governance, through engineering and IT operations as well as its data management. Jason has over 19 years of executive experience developing energy technologies. Jason was born in England and educated in Scotland.

John Tucker

John Tucker

VP Data & Operations


John is responsible for Genability’s product development, QA and testing and energy market research. John is Genability’s energy price guru and works with our current customers to incorporate their feedback into our offerings. Previously, John served in Product Management roles at Andiamo Systems, a brand-monitoring service, and Yaga, a micro-payment service company. John holds a degree in International Studies from the University of Dayton.

Our Board

Marc Rizzo

Marc Rizzo

Chief Financial Officer, Enel X


Marc is the Chief Financial Officer of Enel X North America, and before that was the CFO of EnerNOC. Marc's brings both his financial skills as well as his background in software and energy to our board of directors.

Sean Leaver

Sean Leaver

VP Corporate Development & Strategy


As Vice President of Corporate Development and strategy for Enel X, Sean is responsible for driving their mergers & acquisitions, and strategic corporate restructurings. He is a member of their executive committee responsible for leading acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, strategic investments, and partnerships. Sean brings a wealth of useful experience to our board.

Jason Riley

Jason Riley

Board chair


Jason chairs the board of Genability, and is its founder and CEO. Jason has over 19 years of senior leadership experience developing energy technologies. Prior to Genability, Jason co-founded and was Chairman of Entessa, a provider of energy logistics enterprise software, which he sold to Energy Solutions International. Jason served an investor and advisor to ESI until it was acquired by OakTree Capital's GFI Energy Division.

Eric Danziger

Eric Danziger

Genability Co-founder & Alumni


Eric helped co-found Genability, and oversaw the Company's commercial aspects until 2019. He focused on strategy, business development and finance, while also managing Genability’s partner relationships, fundraising efforts, corporate development and SunShot project. Eric is currently Chief Revenue Officer at Innowatts. Prior to joining Genability, Eric was an investment banker with GulfStar Group, a middle market sell-side M&A firm, and JPMorgan Chase. Eric received his BBA in Finance and MBA from the University of Texas.

Our History

Jason started Genability at the end of 2010. Below are some of the major milestones along the way. Today Genability remains a private, independent company that is primarily owned by it's founders and employees. While we do not publish our financials, we are profitable and growing.

Over the years, a long list of individuals and organizations have provided expertise, hard work, funding or other important resources of one kind or another. Many are no longer financers, owners or involved day-to-day in Genability. However, we continue to be grateful to them and all our wonderful employee alumni and angels. Thank-you all!


October 2010 Genability is founded

Working out of a small executive office in downtown San Francisco, we were off to the races. By year end we had five employees and the scafolding our of database.


Data collection & first product launches

We moved to 221 Main, and by April 2011 our tariff database had 75% of the residential tariffs in the US. We were building out our data maintainance, and also building the rate engine API (which was launch Jan 2012).


Department of Energy SunShot Awardee

We participated in the Department of Energy's SunShot Initiative, which provided funding to startups focused on lowering the cost of solar in the U.S. (June 2012 Blog).


Design partnership with Greenstart

Greenstart was a design studio (sadly no longer active) helping energy startups with product design. By June of 2013 we'd collected 90% of all tariffs in the US.


Strategic investment from EnerNOC

EnerNOC, the leader in demand response and provider of energy intelligence software for utility and commercial customers, became an investor and customer of Genability (read our blog and EnerNOC's Press Release).

We also released the first version of Genability Switch® at the start of the year, as well as a big upgrade to it in November. Canadian tariffs were rolled out in June.


Genability Switch® gains traction in Solar

7 of the top 10 US residential solar providers had adopted Genability Switch® by March 2015, and by September we reached our millionth proposal. September and October also saw some significant upgrades, with a new version and the rollout of "Inteligent Baselining" respectfully.

Towards the end of the year, NREL evaluated Genability’s tariff calculation accuracy against 1,500 California utility bills and found they were nearly identical in mean and variance, with an average difference of 2 cents.


Growth capital from WindSail Capital Group

WindSail Capital Group, a leading provider of growth capital to companies advancing energy innovation and sustainability, provided us capital in March 2016 to continue our growth (Press Release). This was fully repayed by the company in 2018.

Signal, our utility API product, was launched in August 2016 following on just after Switch's 4th version in April.


Genability Signal® launched for PG&E

Our home-town (and banner) utility customer, Pacific Gas and Electric, launched a whole new digital engagement website, powered by Oracle Opower, FirstFuel and Genability.

In Q1 2017 we hit 6 million lifetime solar proposals. Our developer website, GDN received a significant upgrade, making it significantly faster to get up and running and easier to utilize the full power of our APIs. As did our offices; we moved from 221 Main to 455 Market Street.


Exclusivity ends; open for business in every segment

In June the exclusivity that EnerNOC has with us ended, allowing us to sell our products to companies involved in C&I energy inteligence. This proves to be a good area of growth into 2019. We're also pay off our Windsail investment, and the company moves into solid and consistent profitability.


New Self Service option for a new audience

July we launched a self service plan allowing a whole new set of users and businesses an affordable way to access our tariffs and calcs. Our Genability Signal® Data Explorer™ web application gives energy professionals access to our tools without having to write code. Plus we include our core APIs for those integration projects that don't yet require enterprise level agreements or volumes.

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