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Switch Version 5

The latest version of Switch now includes the ability to calculate actual savings for homeowners with solar installed. Actual Savings can be an add-on to your estimated solar savings tools or can be integrated into self-service platforms

This actual savings information is tremendously valuable for sales, referral and support inquires, and improves customer engagement programs and marketing campaigns.

Improvements in accuracy

We have continued to cut our API response times. Our performance has improved by 20% since 2016 with an average response time of just 302 milliseconds for a Savings Analysis call.

New Actual Savings API

The Actual Savings Tutorial on our Genability Developer Network will walk you through the steps to calculate actual savings using the homeowner’s electricity usage and solar production data. We calculate the savings using actual rates and you can display this information wherever you need.

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APRIL 2016

Switch Version 4

Multiple new features are included in this launch, all aimed at increasing accuracy, productivity, and providing you with visual tools that compliment your solar sales process. Over the next few weeks we’ll be following up with a series of blog posts, instructional videos, and other content to highlight significant features.

New Apps

Support net metering changes.

New APIs

Savings Analysis Watch, Savings Analysis History, and Intelligent baseline APIs added.