Genability Switch™

Costs & Savings Platform for New Energy Enterprises.

Cloud based platform for Solar & Storage (DER) enterprises. Provide your North American customers the most accurate forecasted & actual electricity costs & savings. Integrate Genability Switch™ into your marketing, sales and support technology.

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Learn more about the Genability Switch™ web support application and the APIs you can integrate into your CRM & Design Platform.


Customer usage with or without utility bills.


Maximize savings as you design & price.


Beautiful, accurate cost & savings info in your quote.


Show your customers their actual solar savings.


Know what customers pay for power today

Electricity usage and cost baselines for every opportunity.

  • Start with an Address only - Ideal for lead generation and customers with no usage history.
  • Refine with Utility Bill(s) - Use one or more bills to baseline electricity consumption.

You design the system, Switch handles savings

As you design and make changes, Genability Switch™ provides instant savings feedback. Iterate through multiple design and price configurations and find the right offer.

  • Compatible with all modeling software including PV Watts 5, PVSyst, Helioscope or your in-house tool.
  • Works with any pricing including loans, leases, and cash purchases
  • See customer tariff switching options to optimize savings

Make the best offers

Make the best offers

Genability Switch™ enhances your existing proposal with savings forecasts independently validated by Genability.

  • We provide a rich dataset so you can display compelling savings
  • Use Switch numbers to improve the savings you display

Demonstrate actual savings post solar

Use Genability Switch™ to present their actual solar savings to your customers for higher satisfaction and better customer support.

  • Stronger customer engagement with actual savings data integrated into your existing customer portal
  • Reduce customer support costs and increase Net Promoter Scores
  • Drive higher referral rates from existing customers with demonstrable savings


Our enterprise DER customers benefit from contractually guaranteed performance, accuracy, scalability and access to expertise.

Performance Guarantee

The fastest, most reliable, scalable platform, with service level agreements to match.

Accuracy Promise

We have the most up to date and accurate electricity rates.

Team of Experts

A click or call away & eager to help. Nobody knows electricity costs & savings better than us.

NREL evaluated Genability’s tariff calculations against 1,500 California utility bills and found they were nearly identical in mean and variance, with an average difference of 2 cents.
Read the report.

Over 7 million solar proposals since 2014

Sunrun integrated Genability Switch™ into their Brightpath software platform to deliver optimized systems for every customer. Brightpath is Sunrun’s open end-to-end automated software platform enabling Sunrun and its certified partners to manage every aspect of a homeowner’s solar system. Sunrun is the nation’s largest dedicated residential solar service provider.

SunPower was looking for a software product that would help their dealer network find and win more customers. With Genability, SunPower’s network can better evaluate opportunities for both commercial and residential prospects. SunPower designs, manufactures and delivers the highest efficiency, highest reliability solar panels and systems available today.

Sunnova uses Genability Switch™ to accurately assess avoided cost and savings in the United States. Sunnova is a solar power company providing nationwide coverage with local minded service to thousands of homes across the United States.

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Genability Switch™ is available via Enterprise license. To get a feel for our tariff data sign up for a 14 day free trial of our Explorer web application (No credit card needed).