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Find out how much savings is typical by zip code.

What could you do with solar savings data?

Genability’s OpenSavings initiative is an effort to provide the solar industry with location specific cost saving data from going solar via open source API. Genability is committed to making OpenSavings data comprehensive, easy to use, and free.

Baseline residential electricity usage and costs.

Get a sense of typical PV system production and cost in an area.

Determine which areas are installing solar and which are not.

Why open-source this data?

Currently, soft costs (non-hardware costs) make up more than 60% of the total cost of residential solar in the United States (see NREL’s 2013 report, “Benchmarking Non-Hardware Balance-of-System (Soft) Costs”).

Open Solar Savings is our latest effort to reduce the soft costs of solar by making solar data more accessible, more useful, and easier to understand for new energy companies and their customers. The initiative is funded jointly by Genability and the Department of Energy via their SunShot Initiative.

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