Switch Version 3 Now Available!


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We are proud to announce a major upgrade to Switch, our flagship product designed specifically for solar origination.

We’ve significantly enhanced the way usage data is handled.  With only a single utility bill you can now accurately baseline customers’ avoided cost of power for an entire year.  This feature reduces the burden on customers to provide 12 monthly bills, allows you to sell faster, and reduces deal processing costs. In markets with time of use (TOU) rates you’ll be able to show higher avoided costs for those already on TOU, and suggest switching to TOU for even greater savings when applicable.  All of this with only a single utility bill in every U.S. market.

There are 4 major and a few minor updates included in this release.

Hourly Usage Modeling - Switching to TOU when going solar enhances savings in many markets.  In other markets a large segment of homeowners are already on TOU rate schedules. With this upgrade you can generate accurate TOU proposals by collecting one or more utility bills.  No hourly data, such as Green Button, required.

Intelligent Baselines with Under 12 Months of Bills - Many customers haven’t been in their home for 12 months. For those who have, collecting 12 utility bills can be disruptive to the sales process.  Now you can accurately baseline annual usage and avoided cost with only a single utility bill.

8X Faster, Better Performance - Our savings analysis calculations are now 8X faster than the start of this year. Our average response time is consistently under 500 milliseconds. Our customers are experiencing rapid growth, and making more calls every day. So we’ve also scaled our infrastructure. We’ve tested our capacity and were able to support over 8X our current peak volumes without a blip.

Tiered Rate Optimization - Optimizing solar pricing and system design in tiered rate markets like California can be difficult.  Switch delivers all the information you need to design systems that shave expensive tiers along with rich savings details that make it easy for your customers to understand value.

PV Watts 5 - The latest in solar production forecasting.  NREL completed a comprehensive refresh of the algorithms behind their widely used PV Watts simulation tool.  We’ve incorporated PV Watts 5 into Switch to help you generate the best offers.

Switch is quickly becoming the industry standard for forecasting solar savings. Genability works with 8 of the top 10 residential solar service providers, over a million solar proposals have been created using our products since 2014.  We are committed to delivering ongoing improvements to Switch that make going solar easier and faster.

Over the next two weeks we’ll dedicate blog posts to each of the major changes.  As always if you have any questions or would like a demo, please contact us.

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