Solar Project Pipeline Totals 25.9 GW in 2011


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While there has been much focus on the Solyndra bankruptcy in solar news lately, the U.S. project pipeline is seeing massive growth in photovoltaic project development due to large cuts over the summer in solar module prices.

After only two months, the US non-residential solar project pipeline has increased from 17GW to 24GW.  There are 1,865 non-residential projects totaling 25.9 GW that are either installed, being installed or in some phase of development. Of the 44 states now contributing to the pipeline, the top six states are California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, New Jersey and New Mexico. (California still leads, accounting for 61% of the total US projects.)

In an effort to meet their goal of supplying itself entirely through renewable energy, Wal-Mart just completed installation at three southern California locations.   This is just a small step in the chain’s solar plans for CA.  Wal-Mart hopes to double its use of solar energy in California and plans for 10 to 20 solar installations in the pipeline for the upcoming year.

There is equally exciting news on the residential front: Lowe’s and Sungevity, the California-based solar leasing firm, have teamed up and are making it easier for homeowners to receive installation estimates and see possible savings expected from using solar.

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