PG&E Interactive Energy Bus Stop and Add Our Real Time Electricity Pricing?


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Yesterday, I passed a MUNI bus stop here in San Francisco and something caught my eye. I’ve seen interactive bus stops before so seeing a couple of kids playing with the screen didn’t stop me to take a picture. What caught my eye was the topic of the interactive ad: “Time-Varying Pricing.” PG&E has created a game for people to play while they wait for the bus and learn about Time of Use Energy Pricing. It reads: “Learn how you can save when you use energy during off-peak hours.”

PG&E Interactive Energy Bus Stop

Wouldn’t it be cool if PG&E used our API to show real energy prices? What if you could use your actual customer data to see you how much energy you were using and how much you could save? With our API, you could make this kind of app with real-time energy pricing and time of use data for most people across the country!

I couldn’t find any information on the game/ad online so this might be an alpha/beta test. The bus stop is located right across from PG&E’s headquarters at Beale and Mission. I went back and took some more pictures below:

Choose which game you want to play - Demand Response or Energy Town

Energy Advisory!

PG&E Interactive Energy Bus Stop

PG&E Interactive Energy Bus Stop

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