Our 4 Action Items to Trump’s Paris Accord Withdrawal


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Trump pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord was a big gut punch for us at Genability. Since then, we’ve been thinking about what we can do to double our own efforts and impact the move to a clean energy future. We have agreed on the following immediately actionable steps.

Action Now (AP Photo/Michel Euler) Action Now (AP Photo/Michel Euler)

1. Free access to nonprofits and educators

As of today, we are providing our products and data for free to any and all non-profits and educators working directly on climate related initiatives. We’re also providing them for half price to all other non-profits and educators.

If you are working to drive smart policy and to educate with fact based evidence, contact us. We are here to help.

2. Early access to affordable plans for companies starting and growing

We are also providing exclusive access to a select number of companies to 2 new product plans we intended to roll out at the end of this year. These plans provide growing new energy companies with affordable access to all of our people, tools and data. We have 10 Start(er/up) plan spots for small teams and startups working on innovative new energy solutions. We also have 10 Growth plan spots for companies that are at the point where they require production level services but have ambitions to grow a lot more. We’ve historically concentrated on enterprise customers and larger utilities, but it will take a wide range of companies to drive new energy’s progress. We want to democratize access to accurate energy cost and savings data for all businesses.

If you are an ambitious team that want to take advantage of our data at attractive pricing, as well as get lots of hand holding and technical assistance to get you up and running, hurry and contact us to get one of these spots.

3. Expand the countries we cover

We’ve gotten very good at collecting electricity tariffs and calculating costs, so let’s do it everywhere. France, the home of the Paris Climate Accord, will be the next country we add tariff coverage for. Then, it’s looking like Germany and Netherlands will be added after that. All are active electric vehicle and new energy markets. We don’t intend to stop there. The electrification of transportation, the growing adoption of distributed solar and storage, and the needs for smarter grids is global.

If you are or want to be active in one of these (or other markets) contact us.

4. Raise a $300,000 investment

Genability continues to grow revenue to the point where we are very close to being cash flow positive on a monthly recurring revenue basis. We contemplated the trade-offs of moving slower while we get there vs. raising a small amount of equity. This galvanized us to action and we don’t want our wings clipped. Our goal is a raise of $300,000 to $500,000 in a convertible note to not miss a beat.

If you are an active investor in software and want very favorable terms investing in a solid company while also promoting clean energy, please give us a look. If not, tell someone who is and does. Review for a summary then contact us to find out more.

These 4 steps are not the end of what we will do. We also agreed to continue to look for additional ways to amplify our impact. Ideas we are working on include:

  • Better ways to share our domain expertise with the community

  • Several technologies we can Open Source

  • Ways to proactively empower the ecosystem

  • How we as a company can walk the walk; things like becoming a B-corp, dedicating 20% time to initiatives, volunteering, reaching out more

We will continue to do our part for the goals of the Paris Climate Accord.

We are still in.

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