Genability works with Greenstart's In-House Design Studio


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Earlier this year Genability partnered with Greenstart to add their design expertise to our brand development.  We’re extremely excited with the stuff they’ve developed so far and we think you will be too.  Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a few more weeks to see it!

Greenstart Logo

Last month, Greenstart announced that they ditched the accelerator model and moved to a full VC firm model focused on design management and branding.   Their expertise in product UX and brand management is what made them an ideal partner for Genability.  We searched high and low for a design firm that understood superior product user experiences and also knew the ins-and-outs of energy cost savings.  Needless to say, Greenstart was the right partner for the task and we can’t wait to share the new offerings with the rest of you. Stay tuned!

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