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Energy storage is the next frontier in the New Energy Economy, and we’re proud to work with industry leaders such as Tesla, Stem, Advanced Microgrid Systems, and NextEra Energy.   

Partners leverage our products to identify new markets with attractive rate structures, develop site-specific savings forecasts, provide pricing intelligence to battery management systems, and use our savings statements as an independent source of truth for billing and shared savings agreements.

In past years, growth in storage was driven by large utility-scale installations. The rapid increase in distributed energy resources and load management services are paving the way for a new era of distributed energy storage. Behind the meter storage installations are expected to grow by more than 5X between 2015 and 2017 with most of this growth in the commercial/industrial segment.

Energy Storage by Segment By Segment. Source: GTM Research Energy Storage Monitor

Commercial energy storage must provide value to developers, financiers and end customers such as hotels, big-box stores, and wineries. Target sites have electricity consumption profiles with high differentials between mean and peak usage, thereby resulting in higher demand charges (see Large Hotel profile below). Demand charges apply costs to peak energy usage over small periods of time. These charges are often very complex and can represent up to 50% of a business’s total electricity bill.  Energy storage helps flatten the load profile by storing electricity when usage is otherwise low, and discharging stored power during high load periods. Other factors such as time of use rates and peak pricing incentives further increase the value of energy storage.

Typical Summer Load Profile - San Jose, CA

Look for more announcements about products, services and additional partnerships from Genability as this exciting market continues to grow. For more information please contact us.

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